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The links above are to pages where additional information is provided to enhance your stay in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a great place to visit for a week or a year. The people are friendly the water is safe to drink, the diving, surfing, sport fishing is rated among the finest in the world. The food is not spicy but varied. There are nearby supermarkets that rival Whole Foods for freshness and variety of produce. Frequently our guests return year after year to enjoy all Costa Rica has to offer. Try Los Almendros, you may become part of our friendly family.

Will with Sailfish

Lets Go Fishing

Well, let’s see where do I start! Lets begin by giving you a brief rundown on the local fishing conditions and the end of a bite that’s been on as of late and then we’ll get into some geography and background on our favorite fishing areas. Offshore in Costa Rica on the Pacific Northwest (namely in the area of the Bat Islands and south and west in front of Tamarindo outside the Catalina Islands) the ocean has been calm and conditions have actually been quite ideal. The water temperature has been on the average 72-80 F and clarity has been excellent in most parts. The Wahoo bite has been on “Big Time” at the “Bats” and the big Dorado (Mahi Mahi) seem to be coming back in the south, outside the Catalinas, so couple that with a steady catch of Sailfish and throw in the odd Marlin and all in all it’s been fairly decent.

For any fisherman that has never fished the World Famous Bat Islands, are in for the treat of a lifetime. The Bat Islands are located on the Northwest tip of Santa Rosa National Park approx. halfway between Plays del Coco and the Nicaragua border in and area known as the Peninsula or “Gulfo de Papagayo” approximately 1 ½ hours from Plays del Coco. This area is noted and famous for an abundance of Sailfish (Pez Vela) that roam the pristine waters surrounding the rock islands that make up the chain of the “Bats” and to land a 120-130lbs Vela is not a rarity. (110 lbs. average.) As you troll these rock islands and coastlines listen for the sound of a burning reel which usually indicates that a swift swimming 30-70 lb Wahoo has just latched on to your bait or rapala, so prepare yourself for a fun battle. The Bats Islands is also home to Yellow Fin Tuna so be on the lookout for schools of working porpoises and birds that indicate these favorite delicacies to be feeding underneath. Tuna of upwards to a 100 lbs are not uncommon so make sure you have had your wheaties for breakfast because you may be in for quite a struggle. The king of Billfish, the Blue Marlin roam in and outside the Bats, as well, and with some luck and a lot of patience, strength and perseverance you may actually get your photo taken with one of these blue beauties on board or along side. Blue Marlin in this area usually range 200 – 450 lbs. but “Blues” up to 800 lbs. are not out of the question either.

Fishing outside the World Famous Catalina Islands is also an experience of a lifetime. South and west in front of Flamingo and Tamarindo beach in deeper water (250 -650’) lie many shelf areas that are home to Blue, Striped and even Black Marlin, not to mention a multitude of sailfish and Dorado (Mahi Mahi). The fishing in this area is world-class and is testified by the international competitions held in Costa Rica annually, and 99 world records from the waters of Costa Rica recorded in the 2000 edition of the International Game Fishing Association’s world record game fish.


Los Almendros is special because long term residents know the best restaurants, zip lines, best places to snorkel, the best captains for sport fishing, the best birding locations, what to look for at the pottery village and what to pay. They are anxious to share with you what makes Costa Rica so special for all of us.

Nino can help you reserve a boat that will give you the best chance of getting the fish you like and having a great day on the water. If you like to fish with friends some of your new friends at Los Almendros may want to join you for the fishing trip. Boats are rented for the day or half day depending on your fishing goals.